How to Fix a Leaky Refrigerator

fridge is leaking

If you have stepped into a puddle of water at home, it is definitely a good sign. Most probably, it means that your fridge is leaking and you need some assistance from a professional technician. If you are interested to know more about this fridge problem, we will focus on top three reasons why your fridge may be leaking and then we will provide you with three most effective solutions. Ready to get some effective remedy for your problem? – Read on.

We fully realize that in some cases you may want to tackle the problem on your own without bothering technicians, and thus trying to agree on the best schedule for both of you. In this case, the information provided below will definitely come in handy for you. However, since a leaking fridge may be a sign of some serious matters, we strongly recommend you to contact our expert repairmen so that they could at least come to your place to diagnose the pending problem.

What to Do When Your Fridge Is Leaking Water Inside?

In the majority of cases, this problem with your refrigerator can be a real nuisance in terms of your routine or household problems. Just imagine: you return home from work willing just to grab a bite and lie down on your cozy couch when you open the door and notice this pool of water in front of you. Wiping the floor is definitely not the best way how you would like to spend this evening, right? Check out some of the main reasons why your kitchen household appliance may be leaking:

  1. Your fridge was not properly levelled. If your fridge does not stand levelled on the floor, some of the water that collects from the condensation may be dripping to the floor through the drain hole instead of evaporating. The problem of levelling may concern not only your fridge but the floor in your flat on the whole. So, this problem should be thoroughly explored.
  2. Your water inlet valve is leaking. This problem stems from your freezer. If you have an ice maker, the water valve is connected to the back of the fridge. As such, when the valve is worn off or torn, water from the fridge may leak out.
  3. Your drain hole may be clogged. If you do not cleanse your fridge regularly, some food debris and different dirt particles may clog the drain hole. This problem may also lead to the water leakage.

To deal with these or adjacent problems, one may simply contact a professional technician for help or try to drain the tube or remove some details to inspect the fridge on the inside.

How to Fix a Leaky Fridge?

If you read the above section about the causes of a leaking fridge, you might have noticed that they are failrly simple. We can calm you down then that the solutions are just as simple. Check out the most effective steps for mending your fridge:

  1. Level your fridge properly. If you see that your fridge is not standing upright on the floor, you have to level it carefully. Re-levelling may prevent your fridge from leaking. You may need to use some rubber gasket and also check whether you have succeeded with this step with a specific levelling tool. If you cannot handle this task on your own, do not hesitate and turn to for help.
  2. Inspect the water inlet valve. The water valve is situated at the back of the fridge, so you will have to put it away from the wall, probably even unplug it, and then find the water valve. If the valve is damaged only a bit, it may not be evident where the water is leaking from. So, try to lay some paper towels on the floor below the water valve to find the places where it was torn or worn off.
  3. Unclog the water drainage system. Use a pipe cleaner and use some detergent for unclogging the pipes from the food particles. On the one hand, it is something that you can easily do on your own. Still, apart from the fact that this process may be a bit disgusting sometimes, it can also be tricky, so you are strongly encouraged to contact technicians for help.