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Kenmore Appliance Repair Services

Kenmore once started off as a small company producing some basic household appliances. However, with some time, it managed to grow into one of the largest and most popular manufacturers providing households with a wide range of appliances: stoves and ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, fridges, dryers, and others. These products have become so popular in households as they have managed to ease people`s daily routine. Kenmore appliances have definitely won trust of its customers, and have thus boosted the popularity of this brand.

Still, despite the fact that Kenmore appliance groups prove to be reliable in terms of their longevity, they still break down from time to time and need appropriate repair and maintenance. Kenmore repair services is a company that can provide timely repair works and also top-notch installation services of any household appliance that you buy from Kenmore. Our company is available 24/7, which means that even the busiest clients can leave their worries behind concerning the broken down appliance. Whatever problem you have, Kenmore appliance repairs services guarantee you same-day services. Our technicians will come to your place to inspect the issue and they will fix the problem before you even know it. So, should you have any troubles with your appliances, contact our service and enjoy on-time and premium-quality assistance.

Why Choose Our Appliance Repair Service for Your Kenmore Devices?

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Whether it is your refrigerator, Kenmore dryer, or Kenmore washing machine that starts to act up, you may get equally annoyed and irritated. Any breakages of household appliances add some distress to the usual routine and daily plans. It can be stressful in all matters: both because you need to bother about fixing those appliances and because you have to adjust to these unexpected difficulties. Usually, the very first thing that comes to minds of many users is to replace the appliance at all – to buy a brand-new one and forget about all the troubles. However, it is not the best and most prudent option in many cases as many appliances can be easily fixed. Besides, in the latter case, you will not have to spend the whole fortune on purchasing some new household equipment.

If you reside in Toronto or the vicinities, keep in mind that you can fully rely on expert service of appliance repair in Toronto. Our company guarantees long-lasting repairs that are delivered in a timely manner and that are backed-up by satisfaction guarantee. Our Kenmore appliance repair service in Toronto is available 24/7 every day of the week. So, grab this perfect opportunity to use professional technical help from our convenient service.

Kenmore Fridge Repair

In case your fridge has started leaking, vibrating or emitting some loud and strange noises, it is a sign that it needs some thorough inspection from an expert technician. Do not hesitate to call service for help and get your fridge repaired within a matter of hours. Our technicians use only original details and professional tools to help your Kenmore refrigerator breathe in a new lease of life.

Kenmore Stove Repair

Your hob or oven may be giving you troubles from time to time, but sooner or later it may result in some serious matters that may prevent you from enjoying a hot meal at the end of the day. You can rely on Kenmore stove repair no matter what problem you face. Just call our technician and he will get into the core of the matter quickly. Our repair workers have all the necessary toold and details to mend Kenmore ovens and stoves in the best way.

Kenmore Dishwasher Repair

Kenmore dishwasher repair service is here at your disposal if you want to save your favorite dishwasher – your timesaver. We fully realize that once you have tried a dishwasher by Kenmore for washing-up, you will never want to pick any other. So, call experts if you want to prolong life longevity for your favorite appliance.

Kenmore Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine does a lot of hard work to clean your clothes. You can save your precious time for doing laundry thanks to the Kenmore wahser that you have. Due to the fact that washers are used really often, they need proper maintenance and occassional replacement. If you have noticed any problems with your washer, such as hurdling sounds or water leakage, feel free to contact Kenmore wahing machine repair service and get superb-quality washer repair services.

Kenmore Dryer Repair

Your dryer is no. 2 saver when it comes to yoru clean laundry. However, it assists you in a way that it helps to dry the clothes quickly when you need them. When your dryer starts acting up, it may get too hot. Resultantly, it may damage the clothes or even cause a fire. Therefore, it is essential to be careful when you notice even the slightest changes in the temparature and rely on Kenmore dryer repair services.

Kenmore Oven Repair

If you have noticed that your oven is not operating properly, for example if it does not warm the dishes evenly or if it tends to burn some food, you need to contact a professional technician for help. Whenever you need our help, call Sears Kenmore appliance repair service and we will provide help on the same day of your call. When you cooperate with us, you can be sure that no delays will be ever caused. Remember that we also help out with microwave repair.

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Reliable Same Day Repair by Kenmore Expert Technicians

We understand the wish of every customer to have a specific household appliance in maintenance for the longest time possible. However, nothing stays forever and some repairs or replacements will be needed sooner or later. In case if you have encountered some troubles with your appliance, do not hesitate to contact for help. We are a convenient service operating 24/7 and providing same-day help.

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frequently asked questions

My Kenmore refridgerator does not cool down. Can I get assistance from your technician ASAP?

You can leave your request on the website and we will proceed it within the shortest terms possible. Remember that we are a same-day service, so we do our best to provide quality repair works to our clients as quickly as possible.

Can your technicians order original Kenmore details if my appliance needs some details replacement?

Yes, sure. Our technicians have professional tools and original details that may be needed in the repair process. If some specific details are needed for replacement, our repairmen will definitely order them from original manufacturer.

My dishwashing maching lets off unpleasant smell. What should I do with it?

It looks as it there are some leftovers after the wash cycle and they add up to the unpleasant smell. Maybe the dishwasher is clogged, so it needs thorough cleansing.


Very appreciative of the prompt service. He came back twice and able to put in place an interim solution to save all my frozen food. Very professional – phoning to let me know he was able to come early Would definitely recommend. Great service. Prompt neat and reliable
Lisa Gordon
Very quick communication and responsive to request. Was able to quickly diagnose and repair my washing machine
Garry Lam
Shymon appliance repair arrived on time and was clear and professional about what needed to be done to repair my dryer. He explained clearly what was wrong and showed me how he was fixing it. He also provided a 90 day warranty on the work. I recommend this company for appliance repair. Efficient, clear and professional.
Jennifer Snowsill
Fast and responsive service. Inquired about getting my dishwasher repaired on a Saturday and they were onsite the next day and did the repair. Very impressive.
Jason Sparkes


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