Cancellation Policy

Should you need to proceed with the cancellation of an errand with the Shymon Appliance Repair service, be so kind to inform us at least 24 hours before the time you have scheduled.

If you are reaching us via phone in out-of-business hours, leave us a voice message, where you indicate your full name, your contact information, address, and the time you have arranged.

If you have registered your repair request on the same day, in cases you need to cancel it, be so kind to do it three hours prior to the appointment.

Please take into account that our company`s technicians spend their time and effort to get ready and arrive at your place to fix the appliance on time. So, if you do not bother to file the cancellation in advance, you will be charged the price of the service call ($80 and HST) to provide a compensation to our technicians who have arrived at your place.