Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sectin has been composed with an aim to help those clients who are worried about their PII, or personality identifiable information, is going to be used when they share it with us in the process of registering their request. According to the US privacy law and information security, personality identifiable information is the data that can be utilized together with some other facts or details, or on its own, in order to identify or locate a specific person. That person may also be contacted by some other parties is this personal data is disclosed somewhere. If you are concerned about such cases, please read our company`s privacy policy carefully in order to get ample understanding how our company administration gathers, utilizes, and protects information shared by customers with us. What personal data do we get from regular clients, potential clients, and even visitors to our website or blog? Whenever a person is downloading an app of our services or registers the request with us, he/ she will be asked to provide personal and contact data upon registration. Specifically, we ask for such information as full name, email address, contact number, date of birth, and other details.

When do we gather personal data?

Personal data is collected the moment you register your order with us, in particular when you fill out the registration form on the website.

How does our company use your details?

The company may utilize your information when you register your order, buy something from us, sign up a subscription to our blog or website, when you browse the website, or when you leave your response to some survey. On the whole, your details may also be used when you use some other characteristics of the company`s website in the ways outlined below:

  • To improve the work of our company`s website.
  • To personalize your experience with us.
  • To give us a chance to offer you those services that you may seemingly be interested in.
  • To allow us to respond and process your requests in a more effective way.
  • To administer some website features, such as survey, promotion, contest, etc.

How does our company protect your data?

  • We utilize malware scanning.
  • We never ask our clients for sensible information, such as credit card number. We only ask them for general facts that will help us identify a person.
  • We never utilize PCI standard scanning or vulnerability scanning.

When you disclose some of personal facts and data with us, keep in mind that the information will be stored in properly secured networks. More so, it can be accessed only by a few persons from our company`s administration team. What is even more important, we strictly adhere to the conidentiality policy. When you provide us with some banking information, it is encrypted by SSL (secure socket layer) technology. Whenever you want to place an order with our company, you will need to submit some of your personal and contact details. In such cases, you can be rest assured that your nformation will be maintained in security by specific standards. If you process some kind of transaction, keep in mind that they are secured by a gateaway provider and no details are stored in our service. Does our company use «cookies»? Yes, it does. Cookies are files that help us recognize features of your web browser on the gadget you are using to visit our website. As a result, we can remember some information, such as the products you add to the shopping card, some of the products or services that interst you, some of your likings, etc. Cookies help us have a vivid picture of our clientele base, what products and services they like, and how we, as a result, can improve our service to meet all their needs and preferences. With the help of cookies, we can also guarantee you better experience browsing our website. Cookies are used in order to:

  • Monitor advertisements.
  • Gather information and details about the traffic on the website.
  • Gather facts about interactions with the aim of offering better turnover to the website and better experience with the website in the future.
  • As our company`s client, you have the right to choose whether you want the cookies to be sent or not. Specifically, you can switch on this function in your settings.

Keep in mind that when you turn off this «cookies» opportunity, you will disable some features. It will not negatively impact your user`s experience, but otherwise you could make the website function better on the gadget or browser that you use. Anyway, you will still be able to place orders with us.

Disclosure of information to the third parties

We never share, sell or disclose any personal or contact information with the third parties. No third-party links Our company never offers any links related to third-party services or products either.