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Rely on SHYMON washer repair service if your washing machine is broken. When you cooperate with our service, you can be rest assured that you will enjoy excellent quality of repair and maintenance services. We particularly specialize in repairing washing machines as these appliances are considered to be one of the most frequent in the household.


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Very appreciative of the prompt service. He came back twice and able to put in place an interim solution to save all my frozen food. Very professional – phoning to let me know he was able to come early Would definitely recommend. Great service. Prompt neat and reliable
Lisa Gordon
Very quick communication and responsive to request. Was able to quickly diagnose and repair my washing machine
Garry Lam
Shymon appliance repair arrived on time and was clear and professional about what needed to be done to repair my dryer. He explained clearly what was wrong and showed me how he was fixing it. He also provided a 90 day warranty on the work. I recommend this company for appliance repair. Efficient, clear and professional.
Jennifer Snowsill
Fast and responsive service. Inquired about getting my dishwasher repaired on a Saturday and they were onsite the next day and did the repair. Very impressive.
Jason Sparkes



    Washing Machine Repair Service from Real Professionals

    Every other family owns a washing machine, and this appliance is one of those that are frequently taken for granted. People start to notice it when they are experiencing some severe washing machine problems and are seeking competent help with that. A broken washing machine leaves no person indifferent as it means that tons of laundry can be left to handle on your own. We strongly advocate all people to contact washer technicians for help as soon as they detect even the most minor changes or troubles with the appliance. Our company provides washing machine repair of top quality.

    Apart from eliminating the existing complexities, we can help in preventing water leakage and other complications. It does not matter what challengies you have with your washing machine: our repair service can solve issues when your washing machine won`s turn on/ off, won`t spin, won`t drain, etc. ShymonApplianceRepair.ca provides its premium-quality services on a regular basis, and we can deal with urgent issues as well. If you have no specific botherations, but your washing machine is simply a bit old, we can provide you with some preventive maintenance.

    Check out the range of washing machines that we can repair:

    • With front loadings.
    • With top loadings. 
    • Small automatic machines.
    • Combination units.

    Besides, we can help with some common complexities faced by washing machine users. So, if you have noticed that your automatic washer is working differently now, you are welcome to seek help from our appliance repair services. As soon as you get in touch with us, we will schedule together the perfect time for the repair. Remember that the sooner you notice the issue and seek top-rated help, the easier it will be to improve the washer`s functioning and eradicate potential impairments.

    Reasons to Seek Assistance from a Washer Repair Technician:

    In the majority of cases, this obstacle happens because of a released switch, or when the switch has become disbalanced as a result of poor redistribution of attire. We will try to rectify the fault and find out the predicament. If you do not try to solve this issue, you may have further troubles with the safety valve or wiring.

    If you observe that upon washing your garments are soaking wet, it is an indication that you have troubles with spinning. There may be various reasons: either because of lid plunger or bad timer contact, damaged wires or defective lid switch, torn drive belt or burned out solenoid whatsoever. Our experts will identify the core complexity and come up with the best solution.

    Agitation may disappear because of the worn out drive belt, drive spindle, wigwag lifter or plunger, agitator assembly, or transmission mode lever whatsoever. At times, the reason may lie in malfunction or damage of the pressure switch, bad lid switch or poor internal timer contact.

    When you have noticed that the vibration emitted by the automatic washer has become excessive, check on whether the appliance is adequately flattened. One of the main reasons is troubles with levelling or just weakened floor. Call our service for help, and we will help you assemble the automatic machine properly with the help of snubber or damper pads.

    If your washing machine starts leaking in the middle of washing clothes, you need to check if you do not put excessive soap or detergents. Some of the other reasons are clogged pipes or leaking tubes.

    If you notice that water remains inside the drum after washing, you should check for possible defects in the pump and pay attention whether the drive belt has not worn out. Moreover, the drain hose may be clogged. This is a serious problem that ay lead to further severe damage, so be sure to contact experienced repair workers for help.

    You might have forgotten to switch on the valve responsible for cold water. If it does not help, check whether the valve has a sediment buildup.

    If the spots appear after washing and they won`t be removed with soap afterwards, it may signify that there is some oil transmission due to some defects.

    Contact our washing machne appliance repair service and let them check whether the timer contact has some defects. Remaining soap may also be caused by clogged cold-water valve.

    Parts of the Washing Machine

    ShymonApplianceRepair.ca can provide replacement to any detail of your washer:

    • timers;
    • pressure switches;
    • belts;
    • hoses;
    • pumps;
    • agitator parts;
    • lid plungers;
    • lid switches;
    • transmissions;
    • drive spindles;
    • transmission mode levers;
    • solenoids;
    • wigwag plungers;
    • wigwag lifters;
    • snummer pad;
    • damper pad, and others.

    If you have no clean clothes to wear and the laundry keeps piling up, do not postpone the process of repairing your washing machine. Visit ShymonApplianceRepair.ca website today and pick the needed service. Our specialists will be happy to help you out with washing machine repair or maitenance challenges. Remember that our service is committed to providing only top-quality service in an effective way.

    FAQs Section Based on Our Customers` Inquiries

    How can I maintain my washing machine in a proper way?

    We can suggest a few things that can be done for proper maintenance of your washer. Check them out:

    • Control water hoses from time to time. If you notice some water leaks, cracks, bulges, or fraying, you`d better turn to some service for help.
    • When installing your washer, make sure there is space between the washing machine and the walls, where it stands.
    • Double-check whether the washing machine is properly leveled when it is being installed. 
    • Clean the washing machine regularly. 
    • Pay attention to the maximum allowed weigh of laundry in order not to overload the machine. 
    • Also be attentive to measuring the required amount of soap or detergent.

    What should I do if I can`t open the doors of my washing machine?

    If the washing cycle has ended, but the doors won`t open, it probably means that there are some troubles with the lock. Some washing machines are equipped with the manual releaser under the door lock. So, you can try this option. If it does not help, it is better to ask the service to help.

    I have some troubles with draining. What are the causes?

    One of the widespread reasons is the clogged pump or hose. At times, this clogging happens when some small objects get stuck there.

    Some washing cycles do not work (properly) on my washing machine. What might be the reason?

    The cycle options vary depending on the manufacturer or brand. One of the reasons may be the absence of hot water since some of the cycles are possible only in the condition when the water is heated to the needed degree. Sometimes, in such cases, you have to repair the heater but not the very washing machine, but it depends on the situation of course.

    How to stop the washing machine from moving?

    Ensure that the laundry washer stands evenly on the ground. If the floor is uneven or if the washer has not been properly installed, you may face such troubles. Apart from some random moving in the process of washing, your washer may vibrate severely due to these reasons. You can try attaching some pads below your washer that will prevent it from vibration. If you cannot handle this problem on your own, you`d better consult a specialist.

    How long does it take to repair a washing machine?

    Our company provides the same day service, which means that we start dealing with your trouble on exactly the same day when you make your inquiry. To ensure quick assistance, we schedule the repair works throughout three hours after your call. Our repair workers may need some time to investigate the issue, evaluate the situation, and then come up with the perfect way out. In general, the time of repair works depends on how complicated your issue is. Remember that we go extra mile trying to manage the work on the day of the visit.

    My laundry smells bad after washing. Why?

    One of the common reasons is the spreading of mold and bacteria in the washer or your clothes have them in the fibres. In the former case, you can turn on a wash cycle without clothes by putting there a mixed baking soda and vinegar. This fix will definitely decrease the number of bacteria and mold whatsoever in your washing machine.

    Why can`t I turn on my laundry washer?

    Try checking on the lid switch – it may be faulty. Some of the other reasons are a broken motor, a broken timer, or a broken control board. Whatever problem you have, specialists at our service will help you out.

    Why is my washing machine leaking?

    Check on the door seal – if it is loose, it might be the problem. If the water leaks during the wash cycle, it can be rather dangerous, so do not hesitate and contact our service for help. Our experts will substitute some of the common parts of the washer if needed.


    Appliance Brands We Repair

    • AEG
    • Admiral
    • Amana
    • Artiston
    • Asko
    • Bosch
    • Bartazzoni
    • Brada
    • Dacor
    • Daewoo
    • DCS
    • Electrolux
    • Frigidaire
    • Fagor
    • Fisher & Paykel
    • Heartland
    • Garland
    • General Electric (GE)
    • Hot Point
    • Inglis
    • Jenn Air
    • Kenmore
    • KitchenAid
    • LG
    • Liebherr
    • Magic Chef
    • Maytag
    • Miele
    • Panasonic
    • Samsung
    • Siemens
    • Sub Zero
    • Thermador
    • Uline
    • Viking
    • Whirlpool
    • White Westinghouse
    • Wolf
    • other brands


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