Terms of Use

Pricing Policy

    1. Shymon Appliance Repair CA is a brokerage that services home appliances in terms of repairs and maintenance. The ultimate aim of the brokerage is to help potential clients connect to companies that provide services. Shymon Appliance Repair CA enables clients to book those services that they need. This brokerage guarantees safe services, especially in terms of financial security since you can pay for this service only after the repair or maintenance work that you requested is completed and you are satisfied with it. This service is really convenient as you can pay via credit card. A specific sum of money is then transferred to those technicians that looked into the issue and helped you resolve it. Shymon Appliance Repair CA also performs a mediating role – specifically, when any complaints or grievances come up between the expert team and clients. The brokerage helps to analyze the given evidence and find the best ways to resolve the dispute. Shymon Appliance Repair CA also tries to come up with the best ways of favoring both parties.
    2. If you want to book some service with us, keep in mind that one service is registered as a single order. Please take it into consideration is you need multiple services at once.
    3. When you are booking the needed service with our platform, you need to provide valid contact information as well as your address. You are required to be at home at the time of appointment so that repair or maintenance services could be duly done. If you suddenly realize that you cannot be present at home at the time you have arranged, please discuss an opportunity with some of your family members or friends who could be present as your representative. It is a must that the representative is not younger than 18 years of age. Since the representative will be the one present during repair or maintenance works, he/ she should be able to pay for the provided services. We impose extra charges on customers who fail to adhere to the needed requirements. If there is nobody at home when the technician arrives, the expenses should be also compensated.
    4. We have a 14-day time period when all invoices should be paid. If you do not manage to pay them on time, extra $100 fee will be imposed on you.

    Discounts and Special Offers

    1. We have a 10% discount for veterans and pensioners.
    2. When you book services online and carefully fill in the registration form in detail, you receive a $30 discount.